High Performance Wax Additive for PVC Pipes & Profiles

Why Fluid-X

FLUID-X is an advanced processing aid and lubricant, designed as an alternative to traditional polyethylene wax. Known for its high thermal stability, FLUID-X offers dual benefits of internal and external lubrication to PVC melts. Its exceptional ability to disperse high contents of calcium carbonate enhances the gloss and strength of PVC products.

Additionally, FLUID-X provides significant anti-sticking properties, ensuring smooth and glossy surfaces on finished products. By effectively coating PVC particles, it facilitates the breakdown of particle structures, leading to optimal gelation of PVC compounds. This innovative product presents a superior solution for enhancing the quality and performance of PVC materials.

Sukhmani Impex is a reputable industrial chemical manufacturer and supplier, recognized for delivering high-quality products tailored to various industrial needs. One of their innovative offerings is FLUID-X, a cutting-edge processing aid and lubricant that serves as an excellent alternative to traditional polyethylene wax. FLUID-X is engineered to enhance the performance and quality of PVC products, making it a cost-effective and superior choice for manufacturers.

Lubricant for enhanced PVC performance, gloss, and strength.

FLUID-X is a processing aid and lubricant specifically designed for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) melts, offering both external and internal lubrication.

Here are its key benefits and functions:

  1. High Thermal Stability: FLUID-X remains stable under high temperatures, ensuring consistent performance during processing.
  2. Enhanced Dispersion: It effectively disperses higher contents of calcium carbonate, improving the overall gloss and strength of the PVC product.
  3. Anti-Sticking Properties: FLUID-X provides significant anti-sticking properties, preventing the PVC melt from sticking to processing equipment, which results in a smoother and glossier surface on the final product.
  4. Particle Coating: The product coats the primary particles of PVC, aiding in the breakdown of particle structures. This results in better gelation of PVC compounds, which is essential for producing high-quality PVC materials.

FLUID-X can be effectively applied in various PVC (polyvinyl chloride) applications including:

  1. PVC Pipes, Profiles & Sheets: FLUID-X enhances the processing of PVC formulations, improving flow properties and reducing friction during extrusion, which is crucial for producing smooth, durable pipes, profiles, and sheets.

  2. PVC Cables & Cable Compounds: It provides lubrication and anti-sticking properties, ensuring uniform dispersion of additives and fillers in PVC cable compounds, thereby improving electrical insulation properties and mechanical strength.

  3. PVC Foam Board: FLUID-X aids in achieving uniform cell structure and surface finish in PVC foam boards, enhancing their mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

  4. PVC Moulding (rigid): By facilitating proper gellation and reducing melt viscosity, FLUID-X helps in molding rigid PVC into intricate shapes with improved surface appearance and dimensional accuracy.

  5. PVC Window Profile: It improves the extrusion process of PVC window profiles, ensuring consistent product quality, enhanced weather resistance, and durability.

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